Kosho Ryu Timeline (1600 – Present)

Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo


Kosho Ryu Time Line 1600-Present






Japanese military (Satsuma samurai of Kagoshima) subjugate Okinawa and end their autonomy


“To-de” SAKUGAWA Kanga, born in Okinawa and lived in Akata village

  • Taught by KUSANKU and on the Chinese mainland


Sokon “Bushi” MATSUMURA, born in Yamagawa village in Shuri, Okinawa

  • Founder of Shuri-te, worked as a bodyguard to last 3 Sho Kings
  • Taught by SAKUGAWA and Chinese military attaches ASON & IWAH
  • Divided the various Okinawan style into 2 categories: Shuri-te and Naha-te
  • Nabe MATSUMURA, grandson of Soken MATSUMURA
    Hohan SOKEN (born 1889), nephew of Nabe MATSUMURA , and founder of Matsumura Orthodox Shorin Ryu
  • Foremost students: ITOSU, Peichin KIYUNA, ASATO, YABU,



  • Born in Tomari Village, Okinawa
  • Descendant of Okinawa’s first SHO King
  • Taught by UKU (1800 – 1850) and Kishin TERUYA (1804 – 1864) and a Chinese who was shipwrecked and who lived in Tomari village named ANAN.
  • Visited by Choyu MOTOBU and Kentsu YABU when they were young men
  • Said to have taught Choki MOTOBU the Passai No Kata


Yasutsune “Ankoh” AZATO

  • Known by the name of TONOCHI – Governor of Azato Village in Okinawa
  • Taught by MATSUMURA, Shiroma GUSUKUMA and a Chinese in Tomari village
  • Highly skilled swordsman of the Jigen School of Kendo
  • Teacher of Gichin FUNAKOSHI


Yasutsune ( Ankoh) ITOSU, born in Yamagawa village, Shuri, Okinawa

  • 1901-05, first to openly teach Shuri-te in Okinawan School system
  • 1905 created the Pinan Kata series
  • Taught by MATSUMURA, NAKAHARA, Shiroma GUSUKUMA and a Chinese of Tomari village

19th Century


  • 19th descendant Headmaster and Inheritor of Kosho Ryu
  • Great Grandfather of James MITOSE

March 10, 1853

Kanryo HIGAONNA (Higashionna), born in Nishimura, Naha, Okinawa

  • Taught by RYU RYU KO in Fuzhou, China (1867 – 1881 )
  • Teacher of Chojun MIYAGI


Commodore PERRY from U.S.A. , sails into Tomari Port, Okinawa


Choyu MOTOBU, born in Okinawa

  • Inheritor of Motobu Ryu, (family art originally called UDUNDE)
  • Elder brother of Choki MOTOBU
  • Family line can be traced back to Prince Sho Koshin, who reigned from 1648 – 1669
  • Chomo – first son of Choyu, declined to inherit the family system. It was passed on to top student Seikichi UEHARA, who renamed the style Motobu Ryu in 1947


Kentsu “the Sergeant” YABU, born in Okinawa

  • Taught by MATSUMURA and ITOSU
  • 1927 introduced Shuri-te (Shorin Ryu) into Hawaii
  • Foremost students: CHIBANA, Tanken TOYAMA (1888 – 1966), and Shinken TAIRA (1902 – 1970)
  • Said to have bested Choki MOTOBU in a match


Gichin FUNAKOSHI, born in Shuri, Okinawa

  • Began his training with Yasutsune AZATO then with ITOSU
  • 1936 “Shotokan” dojo, built by students of FUNAKOSHI
  • 1936 changed ideograms for kara-te from ‘China Hand’ to ‘Empty Hand’
  • Considered to be the “Father” of Modern Karate-do
    Son Gigo dies in 1945
  • Wrote Ryukyu Kempo Karate and Karate-do Kyohan


Chotoku KYAN, born in Shuri, Okinawa

  • Founder of Shobayashi branch of Shorin Ryu
  • Said to have never been defeated
  • 1920 travels to Japan to teach karate


Choki “Saru” MOTOBU, born in Akahira village, Shuri, Okinawa

  • Third son of a ranking Lord
  • Family martial art system called UDUNDE, – only taught to eldest son
  • Taught by TOKUMINE for a short time
  • MATSUMURA taught him some kata including Naihanchi
  • Moved to Osaka, Japan in 1921
  • 1936 returned to Okinawa and sought out Kentsu YABU
  • Teacher of Shoshin NAGAMINE, Hironori OTSUKA, and Yasuhiro KONISHI
  • Associated with the rise of Kempo in Hawaii, arrived in March 1932
  • Unclear link with James MITOSE
  • Also trained with T’ung Gee HSING, who taught Robert TRIAS
  • Regarded as the “Father” of Shorei Ryu
  • One of the earliest authors on Kempo/Karate – “Okinawan Kempo Toudijutsu
  • Kumite-hen”in 1926 and “Watashi no Toudijutsu” in 1933
  • Son of Chosei MOTOBU

Jan 6, 1871

Kosho KYOHEI, born in Japan

  • 20th Descendant and Inheritor of Kosho Ryu (not alternate son Hotaro Kosho)
  • Grandfather of James MITOSE

March 28,1879

Okinawa falls under the jurisdiction of Japanese Prefectural control, the King of Okinawa abdicates and the kingdom is abolished

Dec 14, 1883

Morehei UESHIBA, born in Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

  • Fourth child and eldest son
  • Early concentrated efforts in: Yagushinkage Ryu – Kenjutsu
  • Hozoin spear style – Sojutsu
  • Tenjin-Shinyo Ryu – Jujutsu
  • Approx. 1912 studied Daito Ryu aiki-jutsu under Sokaku TAKEDA
  • 1948 founded AIKIDO

June 5th, 1885

Choshin CHIBANA, born in Shuri, Okinawa

  • First to name his style “Shorin Ryu” in 1928
  • Regarded as the founder of the Kobayashi branch of Shorin Ryu
  • 1902 began training under ITOSU, lasting for 15years
  • Successor of YABU
  • Creator to the Juni-ippo Kata series

April 25th, 1888

Chojun MIYAGI, born in Higashi-machi, Naha, Okinawa

  • Founder of Goju Ryu, first to give a name to his style
  • Taught by HIGAONNA from 1902 to 1915
  • 1928 traveled to Japan to teach Karate
  • May 1934 traveled to Hawaii to teach Karate


Kenwa MABUNI, born in Okinawa

  • Okinawan karate master, pioneer and historian
  • Studied: Shuri-te under ITOSU – (shi)
  • Naha-te under HIGASHIONNA – (to)
  • Goju Ryu under MIYAGI
  • White Crane under GO KEN KI (1886 – 1940 )
  • Founder of SHITO RYU
  • 1929 moved permanently to Osaka, Japan

August 10th, 1891

Kiyoda KOMATSU (Kosho), born in Japan

  • Mother of James MITOSE


Hironori OTSUKA, born in Japan

  • 1921received Menkyo Kaiden in Yoshin Ryu jujutsu, (began training age 7)
  • 1922 commenced training under FUNAKOSHI
  • 1939 founded Wado Ryu


Kosaku MATSUMORA dies


Sokon MATSUMURA dies

November 2nd, 1893

Yasuhiro KONISHI, born in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan

  • 1897 began study of jujutsu
  • 1934 founded Shindo Jinen Ryu, now known as Ryubukai
  • Also holder of Kyoshi rank in Kendo
  • Preferred to call his art Karate-jutsu
  • Taught by FUNAKOSHI and MOTOBU

Approx 1910

Thomas S.H. YOUNG born

  • 1942 began training with James MITOSE at the Official Self-Defense Club in Hawaii
  • First to be graded to black belt by James MITOSE along with CHOW, Paul YAMAGUCHI, Arthur KEAWE and Bobby LOWE
  • 1953 took over the running of the Official Self-Defense Club

July 3rd, 1914

William Kwai Sun CHOW, born in Honolulu, Oahu

  • One of 14 children (5 died)
  • Chinese father and Hawaiian mother.
  • Met James MITOSE in 1940 -42
  • Graded to black belt by MITOSE/YOUNG in 1946
  • Taught Ed PARKER, Adriano EMPERADO and Ralph CASTRO


Yasutsune ITOSU dies

December 30th, 1916

James Masayoshi MITOSE, born in Kona, Hawaii


Kanryo HIGAONNA dies


James MITOSE and 2 of 3 sisters travel to Kyushu, Japan to be taught family arts and to be educated.

  • Shizue also used the names of Masakichi and Kimie.


Gichin FUNAKOSHI introduced Karate into mainland Japan, at the request of Japanese government


Robert TRIAS, born

  • 1942 met T’ung Gee HSIANG (nephew of Chinese Master Shang Tsao HSIANG who integrated Hsing-I and Pa-kua with Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Taught by KONISHI, friend of James MITOSE
  • “Father” of American Karate
  • 1948 formed USKA


Choyu MOTOBU dies

July 27th, 1923

Masutatsu “Mas” OYAMA, born Hyung YEE in Kimje, Korea

  • 1938 went to Japan and began studying Shotokan Karate under Giko FUNAKOSHI (second son of Gichin)
  • Sept. 1938 met Neichu SO (Cho Hyung JU), a Korean student of MIYAGI, and studied under him for 2 years.
  • 1947 gained fame by winning the All-Japan Karate Championships and by fighting bulls barehanded
  • 1948 – 51 secluded himself on Mt Kiyosumi
    April 1952 traveled to Chicago USA to demonstrate karate
  • 1954 traveled to Hawaii to help Bobby LOWE set up first overseas dojo – “Oyama Karate Jitsu”
  • 1961 changed the name of his school to Kyokushinkai
  • 1958 wrote first of 22 books on karate, called “What is Karate”
  • Bobby LOWE graded to 8th Dan rank by Oyama on 25th Oct 1984

June 16th, 1926

Adriano D. EMPERADO, born in Kalihi, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Taught by William K.S. CHOW
  • Founding member of Kajukembo system – Peter CHOO (Tang Soo Do), Frank ORDONEZ (Jujutsu), Joseph HOLEK (Kodokan Jujitsu), Clarence CHANG (Shaolin Kung Fu) & EMPERADO (Escrima)
  • Students include Al DACASCOS and Nick CERIO


Edmund “Ed” PARKER born

  • Taught by CHOW in Hawaii
  • American Kenpo Karate pioneer and innovator
  • 5th June 1953 graded to black belt by CHOW
  • 1954 opened the first dojo on the West Coast of USA, in Provo, Utah
  • ‘Discovered’ Bruce LEE
  • Choreographed fight scenes in Peter Sellers movies – the Pink Panther

June 1st, 1953

James MITOSE‘s first known son, Tsusumu is born in Japan

  • Blood line inheritor of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo

June 14th, 1943

James MITOSE marries Tsumeko, mother of Tsusumu


Remy PRESAS, born in Philippines

  • Filipino Arnis master and founder of Modern Arnis
  • Studied under Rodolfo MONCAL, Timoteo MARRANGA and Vananico BACON of Arnis de Mano and Balintawak
  • 1970 went to Japan and taught at the Itago Police Academy
  • 1975 went to USA to teach and to demonstrate
  • 1982 inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame – Inst. Of the Year


Kentsu YABU dies

Frebrary 24th, 1937

James MITOSE returns to Hawaii and works as an herbalist and masseuse

July 21st, 1937

MITOSE recorded as divorcing Tsumeko in Japan

Approx 1936

Thomas BARRO(s) born to James and Mildred and given up for adoption and raised by another family, along with his older brother

  • Son Mark

December 7th, 1941

Peal Harbor bombed by Japanese – America enters WWII

December 8th, 1941

Relocation Centers open up – Nation wide


First Official Self-Defense Club opened on Bertania Street, Hawaii headed by James MITOSE


Official Self-Defense Club moved to Campbell Street, Hawaii headed by James MITOSE

April 9th, 1946

Wartime Civilian Control Agency created to collect Japanese nationals etc

April 2th, 1943

James MITOSE is sent to Sand Island – US Army run detention center in Hawaii


MITOSE is transferred to Honolulu Detention Center


OTSUKA is appointed Japan’s Chief Karate Instructor

September 2nd, 1944

Choki MOTOBU dies in Tomari – aged 73


Mildred represents herself as James MITOSE’s wife in a letter to the Colonel of the detention camp. (uncertain if legally married?)

July 14th, 1944

MITOSE paroled from internment camp to the District Parole Officer of Oahu, Hawaii


Chotoku KYAN dies of hunger in Okinawa aged 75


Okinawa obliterated in Battle of Okinawa by Americans


Robert TRIAS introduces Karate into USA


First karate school opened in Phoenix, Arizona USA by Robert TRIAS, teaching Shuri-te


Official Self-Defense Club handed over to Thomas S.H. YOUNG, who runs it until 1962.

February 15th, 1950

Bruce JUCHNIK born


MITOSE lived in Haiwaii and worked in multiple businesses – herbalist, brothel owner, bible salesman)

May 23rd, 1952

Kenwa MABUNI dies

October 8th, 1953

Chojun MIYAGI dies

1955 or 1956

MITOSE moves to Los Angeles, California, USA

May 5th, 1956

Choshin CHIBANA founds the Okinawan Karate-do Association

April 26th, 1957

Gichin FUNAKOSHI dies


Thomas S.H. YOUNG retires from the Official Self-Defense Club and appoints Simeon ELI as the next Headmaster of the school.


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of Tang Soo Do with Mariano in Sacramento, California for 6 months (no significant rank)


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of Parker Kenpo on Riverside Boulevard Sacramento for 1 year (no significant rank)


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of Shotokan under David REYES for a few months (no significant rank)


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of Tracy Kenpo under Dan BABCOCK

Frebruary 26th, 1969

Choshin CHIBANA dies

April 2nd, 1969

Morehei UESHIBA dies

Approx 1970

Bruce JUCHNIK is awarded the rank of 1st Dan from BABCOCK


Bruce JUCHNIK begins managing schools for BABCOCK


Bruce JUCHNIK purchases school from BABCOCK. Between 1971 and 1976

  • Bruce had 3 schools.


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of Serrada Escrima under Angel CABALAS and Dentoy REVILAR until approx 1978.

August 8th, 1973

Bruce Lee JUCHNIK born. Son of Bruce senior.


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of Northern Praying Mantis under Brandon LAI, who migrated to the USA in 1961and studied his Kung Fu under Hon- Fan WONG


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of White Crane system under George LONGS


Bruce JUCHNIK begins study of the Hungarian Saber under Professor Mackey

March 20th, 1974

James MITOSE incarcerated in Californian State Prison in Los Angeles for conspiracy to commit murder along with Terry LEE – (Nimr HASSAN, who served only 3 years for the actual murder.)

Approx 1976

MITOSE names fellow prisoner MONTENEGRO as first Headmaster as he was assisting MITOSE to type his manuscript for his book – “What is True Self- Defense”.


Bruce JUCHNIK travels with Remy PRESAS teaching Filipino arts and later Kosho. Roland REMER of Chicago (a Kenpo student of Bruce and BABCOCK) conducted seminars and was able to introduce Bruce to Remy.

  • Bruce traveled with Remy, teaching and demonstrating Modern Arnis until 1983/84.


Bruce JUCHNIK in one of the pioneers in USA of Kick Boxing


Bruce JUCHNIK meets Rick ALEMANY at kick boxing competition (as both are trainers) and began studying from him


James MITOSE transferred to Folsom State Prison

October 15th, 1976

Bruce JUCHNIK receives rank of 3rd Dan from BABCOCK


George SANTANA, kempo student of Bruce JUCHNIK and a Prison Guard at Folsom State Prison advises Bruce that MITOSE is incarcerated at the jail.

Late 1977

Bruce JUCHNIK writes to MITOSE in prison

Early 1978

Bruce JUCHNIK visits MITOSE in Folsom Prison


Bruce JUCHNIK introduced Rick ALEMANY to James MITOSE

December 14th, 1978

Brian Anthony JUCHNIK born to Bruce and Pam


MITOSE shows Bruce a letter from Ed PARKER (unknown year) sent to MITOSE in prison asking him for masters certification in exchange for $10,000 for his legal defense. MITOSE declined.


Bruce JUCHNIK and Raymond ARQUILLA studied and were affiliated together until 1981

December 9th, 1979

Bruce JUCHNIK receives masters certificate (No 1 Master) from MITOSE to head the art

December 22nd, 1979

Bruce JUCHNIK received a letter from MITOSE placing him as the head of Kosho Ryu Kempo – Menkyo Kaiden




Eugene SEDENO was given Masters Certificate from MITOSE, at the bequest of ALEMENY and JUCHNIK – He had written to MITOSE on one previous occasion


Bruce JUCHNIK introduces Arnold GOLUB to MITOSE, he was to help publish MITOSE’s completed manuscript


At the request of Bruce JUCHNIK teaching certificates given to David KOVAR and Bill GROSSMAN Hoping they would help spread the teachings of Kosho (Bill GROSSMAN was ALEMENY’s Right-Hand Man).


Thomas BARRO(s) learned his biological father was in Prison. Bill GROSSMAN ran into Thomas BARROS at a Tournament and asked if his last name was MITOSE (Why I just saw your dad in prison!!!)

January 1981

Ray ARQUILLA had last visit with MITOSE (approx 3 visits in total and possibly one unaccompanied)

March 27th, 1981

MITOSE Died at San Quentin Prison of diabetes.


ARQUILLA ceased all Kosho training (only received basic octagon drill training), and began teaching Tracy Kempo which he called “Iron Dragon Kosho Shorei”


IKSA formed in an attempt to preserve MITOSE’s teachings (International Kosho Shorei Association)


First Gathering held in Woodland, CA


Bruce JUCHNIK traveled the country spreading Kosho – (Oregon, Georgia, Colorado, Montana, California, Kansas, Illinois, Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Canada & Spain




Bruce JUCHNIK called by TRIAS organization


Bruce JUCHNIK meets TRIAS and become friends. Bruce considers TRIAS a mentor.


Bruce JUCHNIK introduced to Thomas S.H. YOUNG by Robert TRIAS


Yasuhiro KONISHI dies

December 2nd, 1988

SKSK formed, with Bruce JUCHNIK as Hanshi – Sei Kosho Shorei Kai

November 1989

Robert TRIAS dies

December 1989

TRIAS Memorial held one month after his death hosted in Chicago by SKSK, headed by Bruce JUCHNIK


AOBTA formed – SKSK very instrumental in its formation


Angel CABALES dies


Ed PARKER dies


Bruce JUCHNIK travels to Hawaii (to meet with Professor YOUNG) – Met Andrew LUM, Roger CALLEJO, Lyle HO – Laid foundation for connection between Mainland and Hawaii in regards to Martial Arts and unifying Kempo groups (Talked with Bobby LOWE on the phone).


The Last Disciple written and published by Bruce JUCHNIK

April 1995

Thomas S.H. YOUNG dies


Fall Seven and Rise Eight written and published by Bruce JUCHNIK


Bruce JUCHNIK locates Paul YAMAGUCHI,
(one of MITOSE’s first five black belts)


Bruce JUCHNIK travels to Australia at the invitation of Gary CURTIS to teach and demonstrate the art of Kosho Ryu Kempo


Kosho Strategies and Studies written and published by Bruce JUCHNIK


Kosho Ryu No Kenza written and published by Bruce JUCHNIK

June 28th, 2001

Jillian Grace JUCHNIK born


Kata No Michi, written and published by Bruce JUCHNIK



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